Bagley Flat Balsa B2

A Springtime Crankin’ Must!

The Bagley Flat Balsa B2 crankbait is a shallow water bass fisherman’s dream crankbait, especially during the early months when those water temperatures are still low, and the bass do not want a bait that has a lot of erratic action.

Casting the Flat B2 on 12 lb fluorocarbon line was quite easy, as I could make tight pinpoint casts around shallow water laydowns, while still being able to cast it further out so I could retrieve the bait parrel a long rip rap bank, due to the precision weighting of the bait.

When the Flat B2 would come into contact with the limb of a tree or an underwater rock, it would deflect off of the cover nicely and resume its tight wobble when retrieved.  The strong vibration that the Flat B2 emits is ideal for getting a spring bass interested in biting.

Sometimes with balsa crankbaits you feel you are casting a diamond and worried about putting the bait through the rigors of shallow water target fishing.  With the quality construction from Bagley and their Heat Compression Molded process, this premium balsa crankbait withstood a day of fishing on the Mississippi River and still ready to do battle again!

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