Cutting Down on the Plastic…

Not Baits, but Bottles…Turn to a Refillable Bottle this Fishing Season

As fisherman we know the importance of staying hydrated while on the water.  From a fun day of fishing with the family, to being on the water from sunup to sundown prefishing for an upcoming tournament, it gets hot out there during the summer months and you get thirsty.

At times when you are cleaning out your boat, it seems like the constant stream of plastic bottles is endless and by the end you have a mound of plastic bottles to dispose of.  And while the majority of anglers, boaters and in general people who consume a beverage out of a plastic bottle dispose of them properly, there is still a good chance that those bottles will end up rolling around on the side of the road or as stated in an article on, “9.2 billion tons of plastic are flowing into our oceans per year, with the majority of these plastics coming from plastic bottles.”


Cutting Down On The Plastic…

The sport of bass fishing is an expensive hobby, so anyway we can save some money is always a good thing.  Saving money means more gas in the boat or truck, stocking up on more baits, or being able to buy that new rod or reel you have been eyeing up.  One way you can put a few more bucks in your pocket over the course of this fishing season is to distance yourself from bottled water and turn to filling up your own water bottle.  According to Harvard Engineering and Utilities and Poland Springs, bottled water is about 3,000 percent more expensive per gallon than tap water with tap water costing around $0.02 per gallon and bottled water costing around $0.64 per gallon.

Here are some great products from YETI that will allow you to fill up on your favorite beverage to keep you hydrated and quench your thirst while on the water, all while keeping plastic bottles out of the garbage, landfills or in our lakes, rivers and oceans!

Rambler One Gallon Jug (

Rambler Half Gallon Jug (

Both of these jugs allow you to fill up water with ice in the morning and have it to consumer throughout the day on the water, as the insulated jug will keep your beverage cold and the magnetic cap keeps it sealed tight.

Cutting Down On The Plastic…

Keeping a bottle of water handy while you are driving home from the lake, or up on the bow of your boat as you’re fishing is an easy way to replenish the fluids you are losing as you are making casts for bass.  The YETI Rambler Bottles come in an 18, 26 or 36 ounce size (, so you can have one filled and ready to consume and since the caps are all the same size, you can select any of the five styles to use.

As you look to get out on the water this year, think about how you can make it better, not just for you and your families experience now, but for your kids and their kids experiences in the years to follow.