Five Things to Know Before You Wrap Your Boat or Truck

There is no doubt that a wrapped bass boat and/or truck garners attention as it travels down the highway, or as it sits parked in a the boat ramp parking lot and a course flying across the lake.  Before you go down the road of wrapping your boat and/or tow vehicle, Jamie Dietman of Brainerd Signs offers up these five pieces of information.

Don’t think you need to break the bank on a wrap, with boats today looking good from the factory you can usually get away with a partial or half wrap. Your boat will be looking good and there will still be money in your wallet to fuel that rig up all summer long!

Complement your boat wrap by adding a little art to your tow vehicle. Even by doing the rear window to match your boat, makes your rig look like it belongs pulling your boat.

Yes, boat wraps can protect your that gelcoat finish, but the wrap can get pretty tore up from docks and rock chips. Always use a Towtector and bumpers when docking.

Take care of that boat wrap, as with proper care a quality boat wrap will last a long time, simply by using a spray wax on it. If you want to take the wrap off easily, then I would suggest removing it after two to three years.

No matter what sign or wrap company you are working with, get all of your sponsor logos in the right file format and give them a layout of what you want. This will make the whole process go much smoother and lead to your boat getting done sooner.  If I know the job is going to go smooth it tends to get in the shop sooner and usually results in lower dollar amount on final bill.