Grab and Go…Traveling in Style with YETI

From an Overnight Stay to an Extended Adventure, YETI’s Crossroads Collection Has It All

The world knows that if you want to keep your beverages and food cold, you turn to a YETI cooler.  Their quality craftsmanship and ability to keep your items cold for extended periods of time, is what has attracted countless outdoorsman and women to reply on YETI.

This quality of product is now available in the Crossroads Collection.  This luggage line of products features TuffSkin Nylon allows an individual to travel in style with these bags, while knowing that their personal belongs are safe, secure, and organized inside. 

TuffSkin Nylon was inspired from motorcycle gear is a water and abrasion resistant material, which will keep your bag in one piece no matter how many tumbles it takes down the luggage carousel at the airport, or if it is tossed around in the back of a truck.

Seven bags in various sizes make up the Crossroads collection:

  • Crossroads 22L Backpack
  • Crossroads 27L Backpack
  • Crossroads 35L Backpack
  • Crossroads 40L Duffel
  • Crossroads 60L Duffel
  • Crossroads 22” Luggage
  • Crossroads 29” Luggage

The countless features in the Crossroads collection are ideal not just for an outdoorsman traveling, but the business individual as well.  Laptop and tablet sleeves keep your devices safe and secure, while small quick-stash and side hustle pockets, allow for the quick stashing of small items and easy retrieval of them from the Backpacks.

Just as anglers spend time keeping their tackle organized, the interval pockets and divider panels in the Duffels, allow travelers to keep their items neat and organized, so when they arrive to their destination, their belongings are ready for wear.

For those long walks through the airport, the 22” and 29” Luggage pieces have rugged wheels that will not fail and have better clearance over curbs and rocky roads than other wheeled suitcases.  The loft pocket that can house your passport, phone, and other key items, allows the traveler to travel light and keep their hands open.

Another great feature of the Crossroads luggage is that something was to ever happen to the wheels, they are fully serviceable.  Like all of their products, YETI fully backs their products with a three-year warranty, but for the sake of sustainability there is the option to fix the parts that take the hardest beating.

To learn more and see each of items of the Crossroads collection, check out these videos.