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Mar 05

Classic Bass Champions Tour Partners with SATTRead More

Mar 01

2019 Champions Tour Adapts and Expands into Made for Media, Multi-Species EventsRead More

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How to List Your Bass Boat

Listing your bass boat has never been easier! For just $40 you can list your boat and join the thousands of anglers who have sold their bass boat on over the years.

  • 10 steps to listing your boat:
  • 1 - Sign in or create an account on
  • 2 - Choose Sell Your Boat on the Boats For Sale menu at the top.
  • 3 - Begin filling out the information about your boat, then click Save & Continue. Some fields are required before posting, but you can edit them later at any time.
  • 4 - Fill out information about yourself. Save & Continue.
  • 5 - Fill out addition description (optional). Save & Continue.
  • 6 - Upload up to 3 pictures. You can upload one later if you wish. Save & Continue
  • 7 - Now you will see a preview of your listing. It is not live however, so head to the Pay For Ad button below it.
  • 8 - Your cart will be shown, which should have a Classified Ad for $40. Proceed to check-out if you are ready.
  • 9 - Fill out your billing info and confirm your order.
  • 10 - Your boat ad will be quickly reviewed by the staff and then enabled. You can change it or mark it as sold at any point, as well as pay $10 to put your ad back to the top of our list!
  • Your boat will be listed up to 6 months and then it will taken down, you can relist for another 6 months for just $20.

Any questions, feel free to contact us at any point.