Leech Lake Blog

Don Meger shows us a nice largie. All of our anglers need to be back to check in by 4:15pm but a big lake and some rough water means anglers should be running by 3:30 or so in order to make it back on time.

We haven’t seen many today but Matt Peters scored himself a dandy 2nd half smallmouth. Peters is unofficially in 3rd place with not much fishing time remaining

We have a new YETI Coolers Big Bass leader and it’s Andy Walls with a northern Minnesota 6 pounder!

Matt Thompson says “They’re over there”! Thompson has been flipping a Boy Bay bog this afternoon looking to climb the leaderboard

Mr. Mark Courts has been putting his new Skeeter Bass Boat to work today on Leech. Mark is currently in 15th with a nice bag of fish

Dean Capra with another obese largemouth from this morning. There’s not many fisheries that produce fish that have the same build as these Leech Lake bass

John Figi unofficially takes over Big Bass with a 5 pound 9 ounce Leech Lake TANK. This beast helped Figi jump into 2nd place with slight cushion over Matt Peters

For those curious about the lake split, here you go. This afternoon, Champions Tour anglers will be fishing the main lake and east side. These waters include the famous Boy Bay were lots and lots of big largemouth live. More smallmouth are likely to show up as well with several main lake reefs and other rocky structures in play

Noah Schultz is our first half leader with 62 pounds 3 ounces of largemouth. Schultz flipped pencil reeds nearly the entire morning. Tune into the second half to see how the remainder of the tournament shakes out.

A jig or some sort of Texas Rigged flippin bait are always a staple here on Leech

Matt Peters with a fat Leech largemouth. In standard fashion, Peters is currently in the top 5 on the leaderboard

Leech is the Lake Okeechobee of Minnesota. If you’re a bass fisherman that likes to flip heavy cover or throw a frog, this is the place to be!

The sky is starting to break up here on Leech. We SHOULD be free of rain for the remainder of the day. We’ll see what the changing weather does to the bite. As of now, the action has slowed.

Visual, emergent vegetation is typically the name of the game on Leech and we’re seeing no different here this morning. Reeds, rice, cane, pads and some dock fishing are dominating the day so far

We caught up with Chad Keller and watched him score a few bass flipping reeds in the Sucker Bay area. Keller is unofficially sitting in 12th place currently

It’s been a wet start on Leech this morning but fish are being caught. Will Pappa just jumped into the lead with over 30 pounds of bass already. Close behind are John Figi and Matt Peters