Shallow Water Anchoring Enhanced with the Raptor from Minn Kota

Angler’s that have experienced and gotten to play around with the new Minn Kota Raptor shallow water anchors have been blown away by their toughness and durability, this coupled with their ability to hold a boat more reliably than any other anchor on the market, especially in rough conditions has anglers excited and eager to get them put on their boats for the 2021 fishing season.

Besides having more holding power than its competitors, the Raptors are also lighter and less expensive, all things anglers are looking for when selecting a shallow water anchor.  But what really sets the Raptor apart is with its Active Anchoring feature.

Active Anchoring is continually maintaining its force on anchor, meaning your boat will stay put regardless of the conditions.  Fishing in soft bottom, you do not need to worry about the anchor getting stuck as the Auto-Bottom Mode senses the bottom hardness and delivers just the right amount of force, along with increased force used on retraction, you can ensure your spike will come out of any bottom it gets deployed into.

With Raptor models coming in a variety of colors and in an eight foot and ten-foot version, an angler can find just the right one for their boat set up.

The rock-solid construction of the Raptor begins with a wider profile, this reduces the strain on the arm, and the heavy-duty pivot points dramatically reduces the wear and maintains longer stability.  The extruded aluminum mounting bracket not only adds strength, but reduces the weight, as too not affect the boat’s performance.  This is also achieved by a balanced mounting on the transom, making it easier for the boat to get on plane.

Another great benefit of the Raptor’s is like the Talon’s, they can be connected to the One-Boat Network and can be controlled from a Humminbird HELIX or SOLIX unit.  Adding to the multitude of ways that the Raptor’s can be deployed and then retracted, all of which include:

  • Wireless remote
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Humminbird units
  • I-Pilot remote
  • Mobile App

The innovative and still very popular Talon will still be offered by Minn Kota and for some anglers will still be their choice for shallow water anchoring, as the electric platform of the Talon is suited for their boat set up, preference and their storage situation for their boat, as the Talon’s have the ability to tilt down.