Striker…Looking Forward!

Striker is a name synonymous with quality, especially to anglers in the ice fishing world.

Being the leading manufacturer in ice fishing apparel, ice anglers know they can trust Striker to provide the best in style, comfort, warmth, and fit.

After establishing the StrikerICE brand as a household name in ice fishing, the next logical step for the company was to create year-round apparel that appeals to a wider range of anglers.

Thus, the new generation of Striker Rainwear and Cool Wave™ summer apparel that you’ve seen all year long on the Champions Tour was born.

However, this isn’t just another line of shirts and rain gear. Striker felt confident it could set a new standard in the “open water” market by injecting new features and high-quality fabrics into the new line. Spearheaded by the 8 times more breathable eVolve™ rain gear along with the lightweight and sun-protective Cool Wave™ line of tops and bottoms, the brand did just that.

From a product design standpoint, Striker implemented many unique features in various pieces of the Cool Wave™ lineup specifically catered to serious anglers. One notable feature is the Permanent Cooling Technology™ that when moisture (sweat) from the skin meets the fabric,  creates an automatic cooling sensation, often making you feel 2-3 degrees cooler. Each garment has a UPF rating of 45 or higher for the best in sun protection, and many garments also feature a DWR finish that will repel water and moisture.

These are not your average fishing shirts. They are built for conditions across the country whether you’re saltwater fishing the Gulf of Mexico or facing the elements in the Pacific Northwest.

In its first season with the new line, Striker is already seeing buy in from areas like Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and more. Try these garments on, and you can see why this is only the beginning.

Marketing Manager Mike Anselmo hinted at a much larger collection coming in Spring of 2020 that will features an expanded selection of shirts, pants, shorts, rainwear and some exciting new colors and exclusive patterns.

Champions Tour anglers and staff have raved about the gear throughout the season. Under all conditions from blazing heat to pouring rain, Striker stood up to every test that was thrown its way. 

To see the products in action check out our media tab for photos of Striker gear in use throughout the season, or take a look at our news section where you can find some great informational videos on Striker products.

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