The WX2200 from Skeeter is the New Standard in Big Water Boats

The WX2200 was designed to be the ultimate in big water fishing boats. Long, wide and deep, and packed with fisherman friendly features, this rig has everything you need to look Mother Nature in the eye and say “Stand Aside. The WX Series from Skeeter has already become wildly popular amongst walleye, muskie and big water bass fishermen. With the additional of the WX2200, the series offers every possible option that a big water fisherman could ask for.

Skeeter is dedicated to multi-species fishermen with one of the most extensive and innovative product lines in the industry. Each one of their multi-species boats comes loaded with more than 70 years of design and technology standards and has been engineered to meet anglers needs.

Skeeter’s WX series deep-v hulls are built to give you maximum control in even the harshest conditions. Whether you’re running through rollers to your favorite ledge, or back trolling a snaky depth contour in a biting crosswind, these hulls are designed to be responsive and give you precise handling. The new REACT™ Keel* feature takes your precision trolling and drifting even further. It virtually locks the hull to the water and keeps you right where you want to be —on fish.

    Designed to handle the nastiest of conditions with a comfortable, dry ride. The WX hull gets you out there, keeps you in control and on fish with the REACT keel, and brings you back safely.
    The WX Series Deep-V is designed for fishermen who fish big water and do the majority of their fishing from the cockpit. The cockpit floor is long, wide and open with no obstacles to fighting and landing that trophy fish.
    The standard rear jump seats on the WX Series create amazing fisherman flexibility for cockpit utilization. Add two seats to carry 6 friends or family members. Remove the rear pedestal seats
    and you can still bring 4 fishermen while creating lots of open cockpit space for managing trolling spreads.
    The big water hull on all WX Series models, by its nature, creates massive amounts of room under the deck for storage. The both port and starboard side storage lockers are very deep and wide. You’ll be amazed at the amount of gear you can pack.
    Remove the rear pedestal seats and you can still bring 4 fishermen while creating lots of open cockpit space for managing trolling spreads. The gunnels caps are flat, allowing the installation of rails for rod holders or Trax systems for down rigger fishing and rod tree applications.
    All WX Series models have deep gunnels along with a large open cockpit. Your family and friends will enjoy the comfort and safety of the WX Series cockpit. Depending on the model, gunnels are up to 28 inches deep.
    The WX2190 and WX2060 now feature an automotive style vinyl side panel on the port and starboard side. The side panels feature built in speakers, passenger side grab handle, and conveniently located cupholders.
    When your family or friends are ready to take a break from fishing and have some fun in the sun, the optional Ski Pylon comes in handy. Great for water skiing and tubing, the Ski Pylon sets up in a couple minutes and easily stows below the front deck. It’s available as an option on all WX Series Deep-V’s