3 Things That All Anglers Should Do With Their Electronics

Here are three items all anglers should do regardless of their electronics brand choice.

Register Your Electronics:  Your units will be on record with that company, should any warranty information is needed or a recall occurs.  More importantly you will receive a notification when a new software update is available for your units.

Update Your Unit:  Download and install the update is available because this will solve many of the little issues that are arising with your unit.  These updates will also ensure that your unit is working to its maximum performance and some updates will add new software features to your unit that will help increase your productivity with the unit when on the water.

Network Your Units:  Something to consider when looking at new electronics or evaluating the electronics you have is if they have the capability to be networked to each other.  What this means is that if I mark a waypoint on my console Humminbird unit which has MEGA Side Imagining, then that waypoint will show up on my front unit and allow me to know precisely where that fish holding structure is.