Mississippi River- Pool 4

The Mississippi River will undoubtedly be the most diverse fishery that the Champions Tour will ever visit. Smallmouth, largemouth, current, slop and everything in between. Pool 4 also contains Lake Pepin which will certainly add another factor for Champions Tour anglers. […]

Prior Lake

This will be the first time the Champions Tour will be visiting Prior Lake. Prior is a metro gem that is loaded with largemouth bass. After a slight downturn, word is that Prior has been fishing extremely well the past few years and Champions Tour anglers will be greeted with numbers and quality fish […]

Lake Vermilion

After an excellent event in 2019, the Champions Tour will be heading back to Lake Vermilion. This lake sets up perfectly for the catch-weigh-release format. Great numbers of largemouth and smallmouth with BIG fish all throughout the system […]