Champions Tour Scoring App

Following two years of using third party bass fishing tournament scoring app’s, the Champions Tour decided it was time to take control of its bass fishing scoring needs and work with an agency to develop its own app…the Champions Tour tournament fishing scoring app will launch on June 1st and be in use during the 2019 Champions Tour season.

What makes the Champions Tour Scoring App so unique is that it has the ability to be customized to each event and the parameters that are in place. Events that go by total length in inches can use this app, if the event is a multi-species event; the Champions Tour Scoring App can be set up to accommodate that.

The Champions Tour is very excited to be using the app this season as it will allow them to deliver accurate results, so the competing anglers know real time that the weights they see on the leaderboard are confirmed, thus eliminating any confusion or uncertainty when they are on the water…meaning real time emotion and excitement as the seconds tick down as anglers are close to making the cut or being crowned the champion.

If you are interested in using the Champions Tour Scoring App for your next fishing tournament or event, please contact us for pricing and discuss your fishing event’s specific needs.