Anglers Won’t Be Blind Going into Vermilion

39,273 acres of water, 341.5 miles of shoreline, seemingly endless area to cover. For a Champions Tour angler this isn’t an uncommon task, try to break down some of the Midwest’s largest bodies of water and find the fish they need to win.

It can be overwhelming just trying to figure out where to begin, especially without the right tools. That’s why the majority of the anglers on tour rely on the accuracy, reliability, and detail in their Humminbird electronics and LakeMaster mapping chips.

The unrivaled accuracy and detail of Humminbird LakeMaster lake maps feature easy-to-read contours, highlighted depth ranges, scrollable lake lists, and much more, anglers have the tools they need to make the most of their practice limited time on the water.

Lake Vermilion is one of the wildest lakes in the state of Minnesota. Surrounded by miles of untapped wilderness and unexplored depths that lie beneath crashing waves. Anglers will have just days to unlock its secrets which is no simple chore.

One of the tools anglers will have at their disposal is the highlight depth tool. As competitors look for fish and attempt to put together a pattern they may find certain depth ranges key to getting bites and with so much water to cover eliminating unproductive water is everything. With the highlight depth tool on their Humminbird Electronics they will easily be able to target productive water and stay in the bite zone.

Anglers who find that magic zone will look to stay as close as possible to it which can be nearly impossible with controlling their Minn Kota trolling motors by foot, but with i-Pilot® Link™ your LakeMaster lake map, Humminbird fish finder and Minn Kota® trolling motor communicate seamlessly with one another, giving you unprecedented automatic boat control.

From your Humminbird unit, you select a depth contour line to “Follow” and you are on your way. This is especially important when the wind and waves get rough and you want to stay on line no matter what the weather throws your way.

Those who look to target smallmouth may find themselves scanning for boulders with Humminbird Side Imaging. Since only certain rock holds fish having high definition side imaging will be critical. Being able to accurately judge the size of boulders and the bottom composition around them will be a major factor in seeing what will and won’t produce.

For those targeting largemouth, looking for pockets and edges in vegetation will be key. Anglers can use their side imaging to find areas where fish will sit in vast areas of vegetation. Using mapping to find productive stretches of docks is also important on Vermilion. Docks and shorelines with steeper breaks and access to deep water will typically hold more fish than those adjacent to long shallow flats with limited structure and sand.

Those who find fish in specific areas can utilize Humminbird 360 to see exactly what is going on around their boat. Like live underwater radar for your boat anglers will be able to see what’s around them on all sides and adjust their casting to follow bait schools, hit specific structure, or even cast right at fish they see out from their boat on any side.

With this many weapons at angler’s disposals, the bass on Vermilion really don’t stand a chance. Be sure to follow along as the Champions Tour takes on Lake Vermilion on August 15th, and stayed tuned to hear how anglers plan to utilize their Humminbird and LakeMaster technology throughout the rest of the Champions Tour season.