Basic Electronics Tips to Maximize Your Purchase

The electronics that are on an angler’s boat today can either be their best friend or their biggest foe.  This is because that today’s electronics are not the LCD’s or Flasher devices that existed previously, today we just don’t have a depth finder, we have side imaging, down imaging and now 360 degree sonar!

To help have the best day on the water, a fisherman needs to know how to get the best results out of their electronics and with these basic tips below; you can begin to maximize the value out of your fishing electronics.

  • First, be sure to, Register Your Electronics with the company. What this will do is have your units on record with that company, should any warranty information is needed or a recall occurs.  More importantly what this will do is, with Humminbird, you will be e-mailed when a new software update is available, these software updates help maximize the units potential.


  • Purchase and use a mapping chip, this is a very helpful and resourceful tool to have, as it will allow you to search out more productive areas on that body of water. Depending on the brand of chips, you can either get a chip for the specific state or for an entire region.  The LakeMaster chips have incredible detail and allow for an angler to do a lot of homework on their next fishing destination before they even get to the lake.


  • Two helpful tips that I’ve found on my Humminbird is to select which card slot your mapping chip is in, this will help speed up the unit when it is reading that chip. You can also select what depth range is shaded on your map, this will allow you to quickly identify other key areas on that body of water that fall into the key depth you want to be fishing in.