Best Lakes to Catch 25 Pounds in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Catching a five fish, 25-pound bag in Minnesota or Wisconsin is a rare thing. Whether we’re talking a tournament or just a day of fun fishing, a limit that averages five pounds per fish just doesn’t come around that often. However, it is doable and the upper Midwest certainly has multiple lakes where this feat can be achieved. Here’s a few that make our list.

Lake Mille Lacs

Yes, you guessed right… Lake Mille Lacs in Onamia, MN is at the top of our list. It’s no secret that Mille Lacs is full of 4, 5 and 6-pound smallmouth. The average size fish here is incredible. Whether you’re talking Spring, Summer or Fall the 25-pound mark can and is hit with more regularity here than most any other lake in the region.

Sturgeon Bay

The Sturgeon Bay area off the Bay of Green Bay is a smallmouth factory. It wouldn’t be hard to argue that this is the best big smallmouth option on the planet. Every year bass tournaments are won with 25-30-pound bags that contain 7 plus pound fish.

Leech Lake

The largemouth in Leech are built like bricks and can be caught in shallow, thick cover almost year around. The buzz around Leech has faded slightly but a 25-pound sack is still very achievable here. An increasing population of big smallies adds a twist to this idea as well.

Woman Lake Chain

Spring time during the spawn on Woman can result in impressive limits of smallmouth bass. You better push the 25-pound mark if you plan on winning a derby in May or early June on this lake. These 4-6-pound smallmouth become much harder to locate later in the season but Spring is king here.

Lake Minnetonka

Tonka receives more pressure than any lake in the region. Boat traffic and a great number of bass tournaments would make you think that big bass would be a tough bet here. This is not the case. Year after year and tournament after tournament giants are caught. A 25-pound bag isn’t a common occurrence on Tonka, but it can happen if you find the right clump of milfoil!

Chequamegon Bay

Ashland, Wisconsin on the south shore of Lake Superior in Chequamegon Bay is another likely place to find 25 pounds of bass. There are true 7 and 8-pound beasts living in these waters with plenty of high quality fish to back them up. Fall is an excellent time to visit Chequamegon, but jump at any chance you get to chase bass here.