Get a 360 Degree Glimpse of What’s Under Your Boat

Humminbird 360 now Parable with Minn Kota Ultrex

Humminbird’s 360 technology allows an angler to fully get a glimpse as to what is below their boat in a full 360 degree radius.  This has allowed anglers to unlock the waters they fish and find subtle nuances and isolated fish-holding pieces of cover that otherwise would have gone untouched, and those fish uncaught.

With the release of the incredibly popular Minn Kota Ultrex trolling motor late last year, anglers have been awaiting the release of a Humminbird 360 that would work with this new trolling motor design, the wait is now over as Humminbird has release the AS 360 TM Ultrex unit.

The Ultrex 360 Bow-Mount gives you a 360-degree, detail-rich view of the water-with you standing literally in the middle of your sonar return as you troll.  So you’ll be at the center of the action without becoming the center of attention.

A shot of looking down the shaft of the Ultrex at the 360 transducer.

When you purchase the Ultrex 360, you will receive:

  • Ultrex Bow-Mount 360 Imaging with 8’ power cable and Ethernet cable attached
  • 20’ Ethernet Cable
  • 3’ power cable adapter for quick disconnect
  • Easy to remove mounting bracket
  • GPS Receiver with Heading Sensor

Some key scenarios that anglers rely on the 360 imaging technology include looking for isolated weed clumps, boulders or laydowns located on a flat.  Once you pinpoint the location of these isolated pieces of structure, an angler can make a direct cast to that cover.  By relying on the Humminbird 360 technology, anglers can speed up their pre-fishing on unfamiliar waters, or simply spend less time casting at unproductive water and more time putting their lure in front of bass positioned on key pieces of structure.

What is so remarkable about the clarity that you see on your Humminbird units is that you can go along boat docks and have your 360 provide you images of what is underneath those boat docks.  This allows angler’s to speed up their dock fishing by seeing if there are bass located underneath that dock or not, all while staying away from the dock, as to not spook any bass inhabiting the structure of that dock.

Installing the Ultrex 360 Bow-Mount is quite simple and can be done easily on your own.  The steps include:

Mounting the Ultrex 360 Bow-Mount unit to your Ultrex

Installing the GPS Receiver with Heading Senor and running the cable to your Humminbird unit

Connecting the provided power cable adapter to the power source in your boat

Connecting the provided 20’ Ethernet cable to your Humminbird unit or Ethernet Box

A look at the Ultrex 360 set up when it is deployed. (Photo: Humminbird)

For anglers that have already been using the Humminbird 360 technology on their Minn Kota bow mount trolling motors, an update kit for existing Humminbird 360 units will coming out this.

For more information or to order your AS 360 TM Ultrex unit, please visit: