Minn Kota Talon Taking Precision Boat Control in Shallow Water to the Next Level

The features on the 2018 Minn Kota Talon’s show that Minn Kota is taking the shallow water boat control game to the next level.  From the variety of ways an angler can stow and deploy them, to their extreme functionality, that Talon will change an angler’s approach to shallow water fishing.

An angler now can stow and deploy their Talon or Talons by using the provided Remote, with the foot pad that is available for purchase, via their smart phone via the Talon app, which connects via Bluetooth communication, or lastly via a Bluetooth connected Humminbird unit.  So regardless of where you are in the boat, you’ll be able to Talon down on that fishing hot spot!

By connecting your Talon’s to the Talon app, you’ll be able to install software updates to your Talon’s with ease.

On the new Talon’s, a built in Work Light is including, which operates in two colors (blue and white) and each with three intensities.  The Work Light allows you to illuminate the back deck of your boat to help with early morning or late night rigging, or to shine a lite in your boat as you are preparing to launch for that early morning fishing trip.

The Talon still can be put into three anchoring modes; this is one thing that set’s the Talon apart from the other shallow water anchors on the market.  The Standard Mode is ideal for most situations that an angler will face.  The Rough Water Mode accounts for wave action and the Soft Bottom Mode excels in lakes or rivers with extremely silty bottom.

From keeping your boat securely in position when fishing in shallow to unloading or loading your boat, the Minn Kota Talon is an angler’s best friend and will you focused on the tasked at hand and not worrying about where you boat is moving to.