Lake Vermilion Preview

This week the Champions Tour will host its 2nd tournament of the year from beautiful Lake Vermilion. The tour last visited the lake in 2020 when Kyle Schutta notched his first Champions Tour win with 76lbs 13oz. Barely topping Matt Thompson who tallied 76lbs 4oz.

We’re into July now but the general theme for Minnesota bass fishing is that things are a bit behind this season due to a slow warming spring. Especially on lakes as far north as Vermilion. This could make for an interesting bite as fish are not as far removed from the spawn as they usually would be at this time.

Regardless, Vermilion is chalk full of both smallmouth and largemouth bass that have endless places to thrive. It’s sure to be a great tournament! The relive the last Champions Tour tournament on Vermilion in 2020, here’s the full length episode.

Watch Champions Tour competitors tackle mighty Lake Vermilion. It’s a tight race for the top spot but Kyle Schutta prevails, grabbing his first Champions Tour title