Striker Brings New Generation of Rainwear to Market

It’s no secret that the apparel business is booming in the fishing industry. One of the fastest growing segments of that market is rainwear.

Every angler needs it, because to do well fishing, whether it’s fishing with your buds or competing in the Champions Tour, you need to put time in on the water. Let’s face it; if you’re on the water frequently you’re going to eventually meet inclement weather. When many anglers think of traditional rain gear it’s heavy, cumbersome, restricts movement, and feels stuffy.

Striker took aim at those issues when they launched their new eVolve rainwear with eVent® fabric technology. The eVent® technology used by Striker features a Direct Venting® system with an eight times more breathable waterproof membrane than the market’s leading waterproof technology.

eVent® fabric technology has been around for approximately ten years, and Striker Vice President Jennifer Jacobson had previously worked with it during her time in the motorsports industry where she helped design high performance alpine snowmobiling gear.

Striker knew they could create a rain suit for anglers that was just as windproof and waterproof as any other garment on the market, but with the bonus of unparalleled breathability.

Features unique to angler’s needs can be found up and down the suit, such as articulated knees that allow for ease of movement and the ability to bend when necessary. Perfectly placed deep pockets with laser drilled holes for moisture escape, reflective hits for safety, oversized zipper pulls, kill switch attachment points, the list goes on.

Striker Marketing Manager Mike Anselmo said the feature he thinks anglers are really going to love is the three point hood configuration which allows anglers to zip the jacket all the way up and then cinch your hood down from three different attachments points so your hood won’t beat you up as you fly down the lake at 60 miles per hour.

Already embraced by a number of Champions Tour anglers, the eVolve rain suit is competitively priced, but loaded with added benefits and features that set it above the competition.

From violent thunderstorms with whipping wind and rain to hot and humid climates with intermittent rain showers, the Striker eVolve Rain Jacket and Bibs have you covered. A new standard has been set in comfort, protection, and reliability.

To see the suit in action click the video below to hear Striker Pro Matt Stefan and Champions Tour Tournament Director Paul Neumann walk through all the features on a wet and chilly day on Lake Vermilion.

For more information and to check Striker’s full line of product head to their website at