The Minn Kota Ultrex

There is no doubt that the Minn Kota Ultrex is one of the most revolutionary products in the fishing industry in recent memory. It is hard to find a serious bass angler that does not have one mounted on the bow of their boat.

But there is more to the Ultrex than what meets the eye and we talked to a few Champions Tour anglers about the things they love about this trolling motor that others may not think of.

Noah Schultz is no stranger to Champions Tour success (2019 Championship and two-time event winner) and credits a lot of it to his equipment. When we asked him what he loves about his Ultrex he brought up a feature that many may not be familiar with, the jog feature.

2020 Lake Pokegama

Spot-Lock Jog moves your Spot-Lock in five-foot increments forward, backward, left, or right – just by pushing a button. Schultz said this feature is invaluable to him when working along weedlines, contours, and shorelines because all he has to focus on is fishing and the Ultrex does the rest for him.

Schultz said this specifically excels in windy conditions, something anglers faced frequently this season because he did not have to worry about keeping the boat pointed the right direction and on the right contour lines. Maximizing efficiency is the key to success in angling but especially in the Champions Tour format it is beyond critical and Schultz has found a way using the jog feature to do just that.

Tony Hatten is a seasoned tournament veteran who just finished up his second season on the Champions Tour and his second season running an Ultrex. This was his first season pairing it with his Humminbird electronics and he has noticed a huge change in how he fishes now. “As an offshore fisherman it’s a must have. Staying on schools of fish without worrying about moving off them during a penalty or while retying is a game changer for me.”

2020 Lake Pokegama

“Especially when paired with Humminbird MEGA 360 to identify specific pieces of cover and make the perfect cast multiple times and not worrying about drifting off structure or away from what you’re trying to fish spot-lock is a crucial piece of equipment.” Hatten went on to say. “I always Spot-Lock as soon as I set the hook it’s just habit now and honestly I think it really tightens the field a little because it truly makes everyone a better angler and makes the little things like casting angles and keeping yourself on moving fish way easier for guys that don’t typically excel at it.”

Whatever you use it for, there is no question that the Ultrex is making anglers lives easier and letting them focus more on the task at hand, which means one thing for sure. More fish are being put in the boat and the Reel LiveWell this season can confirm!

Be sure to check out the Ultrex for yourself and see why it really is the game-changer you can’t afford not to have on your boat.