“This is the Place”- Warner’s Dock

Shopping for a new boat can be an intimidating experience. From the price tags to pushy salespeople and seemingly endless makes and models to choose from it’s all a bit overwhelming. Well what if there was a place that treated you like family? A place where industry leading knowledge meets a friendly atmosphere where you always feel at home and never pressured or pushed to make a choice you aren’t comfortable with.

As Warner’s Dock likes to say “this is the place”, but what does that really mean? It means that after 73 years in business you can trust Warner’s to make buying a boat a fun, stress-free experience. A process you genuinely enjoy every step of the way.

It means that Warner’s only handles the best in quality manufacturers and will always offer a fair price for them. They don’t want to be the cheapest dealer in town, because they carry products that exude excellence and with that comes a price but you will never be overcharged for what you’re getting.

It means that Warner’s wants to cater to your way of life on the water. Whether it be a bass boat, fish & ski, pontoon, or paddle boat Warner’s will listen to your wants and needs and find the perfect fit for you. And you can trust that fit because the staff at Warner’s have amassed years of industry leading knowledge. They don’t just sell boats, they use them too just like you.

Nate Warner expressed his excitement with us about all the new 2021 models in stock and coming soon from the top brands across the boating world so now is as good of a time as ever to come in and experience all that Warner’s Dock has to offer.

Warner’s treats every watercraft like it’s their own, and that includes servicing them as well. Need help rigging that new trolling motor and electronics? How about repowering with a new outboard? Even just yearly tune ups and maintenance. You can trust Warner’s Dock to get it done right and get it done quickly. With 20+ services offered there isn’t much they can’t do for your boat.

Warner’s will always strive to be “that dealership”, the one you tell your friends about, the one you come back to time and time again, and the one that will always make you their priority.

So if you’re in the market for a new boat, whether it’s your first one, or you’re just looking to upgrade make Warner’s your first call and make a trip to New Richmond to experience how boat buying should be.