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Tournament Details

42nd Annual Viking Invitational

Organizer Information:

Brandon Garrett

Burnsville, MN


About This Tournament

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Tournament: 42nd Annual Viking Invitational

Type: Team


Dates: 10/07/2018

Location: Minnetonka

City, State: Excelsior, MN

Take-off: 8:00 AM at Maynard's

Weigh-in: 3:00, 3:15, and 3:30 PM at Maynard's

Entry Fee: $55

Payout %: 0


Donation tournament.  Proceeds go to a local food shelf and high school fishing team(s).  Many giveaways will be drawn at random totalling several hundreds in value from our sponsors.  There will also be trophies & plaques to 10th place, lunker bass plaque, $10.00 big bass & $10.00 big pike pots.  100% payback on the big fish pots.

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Additional Information

Coming soon: Pre-registration and PayPal payment online on our website (links will be added above), or register at 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM at Maynard's the day of the event.

Viking Invitational Rules

1. Each team must check in and have their boat inspected by tournament officials before ease off.

2. Each contestant must possess a valid Minnesota fishing license.

3. Each contestant must wear a USCG approved life jacket when the main engine is running.

4. All tournament boats must have a functional kill switch and aerated live well capable of sustaining a tournament limit of bass for the duration of the tournament.

5. All tournament boats must maintain a distance of 50 feet from other competitors except for an emergency.

6. All Lake Minnetonka and Minnesota boating and fishing regulations must be followed at all times. 40 MPH SPEED LIMIT.

7. Only artificial lures allowed – no live bait.

8. Landing nets will be allowed.

9. The tournament limit will be 5 bass (largemouth only), minimum 12 inches, bass under 12 inches will not be weighed and will cost that team their biggest bass.

10. A 0.25lb penalty will be assessed for each dead fish weighed.

11. Late arrival for weigh in will be subject to disqualification at the tournament director’s discretion.

12. The winning team will be determined by total weight.  In the case of a tie, biggest bass will be the tie breaker 

13. All contestants must release fish in a depth no less than 10ft of water.

14. Northern Pike: Due to new regulations, and to avoid any slot confusion, the pike contest will now be Catch-Photo-Release only.  You must take a picture of your catch, and fish will be judged only by overall length of your longest pike.  The photo(s) of your fish must include a card given to you by the tournament director the morning of the event and a measuring device that is longer than the fish. 


Entries: 76

Place Team Weight
1 Luke Peterson Dan Dummer 18.54
2 Daniel Fabiano Connor O'Connor 17.58
3 Grant Barthel Mark Sanders 17.35
4 James Leonovicz Parker Knudsen 17.2
5 Brad Longerbone Mike Polencheck 16.91
6 Bradley Leifermann 16.53
7 James Wolverton Jason Kubiszieski 16.42
8 Xang Vang Lavee Xamn 16.07
9 Patrick Porter AJ Madison 15.67
10 Jason Bassett Jason Dudek 15.11
11 Matthew Berkowitz Daryl Larson 15.1
12 Mike Doughty Tim Krebs 14.57
13 Todd Seeger Kaleb Seeger 13.74
14 John Markham Alex Johnson 13.49
15 Jim Lokken Phil Lokken 13.41
16 Lance Brackee Darin Bertram 13.29
17 Brian Buhr Tom Braaten 13.1
18 Bradley Dockter Dylan Roth 12.93
19 Andrew Fluharty Tim Blase 12.61
20 Nick Madison Ryan Ploof 12.4
21 Lucas DeYoung Brad Wynnemer 12.35
22 Travis Gienger Boyd Burke 12.19
22 Jeremy Brown Richard Farrand 12.19
24 Steven radisewitz Mark Lloyd 11.98
25 John Vig jr Quilt 11.79
26 Timothy Spande 11.57
27 Brad Wiyninger Josh Eckstein 11.51
28 Derick Doberstein Travis Schulz 10.94
29 Aaron Bailen Juan Camacho 10.72
30 Scott Shepperd Scott Pringle 10.7
31 John Pozarski Greg Pozarski 10.52
32 Brian Simon Jacob Bros 10.43
33 Chad Whiting Ross Glad 10.35
34 Brian Zitzloff Jory Sundberg 10.16
35 David Nelson Jeff Dittel 9.74
36 Tom Zenanko Logan Field 9.72
37 Trevor Stevenson John Stevenson 9.33
38 Chris Wilkerson Adrian Fraser 8.32
39 Todd Zitzloff Tony Donahue 8.13
40 Steven Swenson Dan Baker 6.69
41 Michael Fiedler Steph McKenna 6.55
42 Ronald Markham & Markham 5.55
43 Nick Coleman Matt Myers 5.2
44 Erik Gaffron 4.25
45 B.J. Brent Steve Bizal 3.98
46 Jacob Preston Darrell Preston 3.28
47 Michael Dodd Sam Dodd 3.16
48 Jack Kiffe Mary Kiffe 2.63

Tourney Results