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Tournament Details

Lunker Squad Bassmasters

Organizer Information:

Daniel Fabiano

Maple Grove, MN 55369


About This Tournament

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Tournament: Lunker Squad Bassmasters

Type: Boater/Non-Boater


Dates: 07/28/2018

Location: Clearwater

City, State: Annandale, MN

Take-off: 6:00am - Bayview Road Launch Ramp

Weigh-in: 2:00pm

Entry Fee: $20

Payout %: 100


01-10 Members / 1st Place = 100%

11-25 Members / 1st Place = 70%, 2nd Place = 30%


Big Bass = 100%

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Additional Information


In order to participate in our club events, you must be registered with a Bassmaster ID number, and pay annual dues to Bassmaster, Bass Nation Minnesota and Lunker Squad 


($140 total combined)


You must commit to at least 6 of the 10 events to keep your membership within good standings with the club and be allowed to compete in the State Tournament. 


We are accepting both boaters and non-boaters at this time. However, we like to maintain an higher ratio of boaters. Tournament ready boats are required and need to be approved. 


This is a boater/non-boater style club. Repeat - not a team club, sorry. Non-boaters rotate each event. You cannot have the same non-boater twice that is our only strict guideline with the pairing regulations. You also get 1 partner request per season if you chose you want it.


Lunker Squad is a club about positive growth and knowledge of the bass fishing tournament culture. We breed a positive message, hone skillsets as a group, keep an open forum between members, teach proper etiquette, and help you achieve your competitive or recreational bass fishing goals. We are a humble and low-key group of guys, aging from

21-50 years in age currently. We average around 14-20 members per year.


Even though we are a club and want to breed a deeper knowledge of the sport and lifestyle, most of us still have a high competitive nature. Therefore we issue a small entry fee at our club events. 


$15 Entry

$5 Big Bass


This enables the winners to go home and reimburst some of their expenses for the day.




Results are not available.