2024 Champions Tour Pro-Am Entry Form (Am)


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Any student angler (13-18 years old), that will be serving as a Champions Tour Boat Official during the 2024 Champions Tour season is eligible to register for the 2024 Champions Tour Pro-Am event, being held on Lake Mille Lacs on Tuesday, June 25th. The entry fee is $100 and is due upon confirmation in to the event. The event is a Pro-Am event, where the Pro angler and the Am angler work together to catch their best eight (8) bass (largemouth or smallmouth). Any bass over 1 lb 0 oz is a legal bass, and will be weighed in the boat, photographed and entered into the Reel LiveWell App, at NO time will a bass be put in the boat’s live well.

Acceptance into the Pro-Am event is NOT guaranteed, priority registration will be given to those student anglers that serve as a Champions Tour Boat Official for three (3) 2024 Champions Tour events, followed by those students who boat official two (2) events, and then lastly those students who are a boat official for one (1) event.

The full set of Champions Tour Pro-Am rules can be viewed here.

Below is the Champions Tour Pro-Am (Am) payout based on a 75 boat field:

Am – Entry $100
1 $3,500.00
2 $2,000.00
3 $1,000.00
4 $750.00
5 $500.00
6 $250.00
7 $250.00
8 $250.00
9 $250.00
10 $250.00
Total $9,000.00
Money In $7,500.00