Classic Bass Used Boat Classifieds

The Extremely Popular Classified Boat Listings from Classic Bass is Now FREE to Anglers

It’s the off season here in the Midwest for bass anglers which means boats are being bought and sold left and right. If you’re looking to buy or sell a used boat, is a great option. Especially since Classic Bass recently announced that people can now post their boats to sell on the website for FREE.

Once an angler posts their boat for sale, it will be live on for a period of thirty days.  At this time the posting will expire and if the boat has not sold, the angler can repost at no charge.

“The boat listing page is one of our most popular” stated Classic Bass Owner Scott Bonnema.  “We want to use this platform to connect more buyers and sellers, and ultimately get more people on the water and into the sport of fishing.  By eliminating the fees, we hope to continue to remove barriers and help grow the fishing numbers.”

So if you’re currently plugging through the boat buying or selling process, give Classic Bass a try and connect yourself with the most serious bass anglers in the Midwest. And again, it’s FREE!