Big River, Both Species…What Will the Champions Tour Angler’s Do…

Our anglers have the tall task of breaking down this diverse and tricky fishery that provides ample opportunity for both smallmouth and largemouth. As fall approaches the focus becomes the movement of the bait fish, primarily shad. As shad begin to grow and ball up in large groups, fish will school up to follow them and that can lead to explosive action. […]

Schutta Sweats Out Tight Victory on Vermilion

It’s not too often a 40,000 acre body of water like Lake Vermilion wants to play nice, but when the stars align it can make for a special day on the water. 48 Champions Tour anglers were met Friday morning with with clear skies and a rare sight, flat calm conditions across the entire fishery. Anglers started on the east side of the lake, where smallmouth reign supreme. Early morning flurries of fish catches flooded the Reel LiveWell App and an initial top 10 started to separate themselves from the field, none of which had ever won a Champions Tour event. […]

Lake Vermilion Preview

After an interesting Spring and early Summer, the Champions Tour is poised to FINALLY kickoff the 2020 tournament season on one of the best lakes in the state of Minnesota. On July 31st, Champions Tour anglers will float their boats on Lake Vermilion out of Fortune Bay Resort and Casino […]