Partner Profile: Wenzel’s Farm

Partner Profile: Wenzel's Farm

Two words, boat snacks. We all have a favorite, but there is no denying that beef sticks and jerky have long been staples in boat compartments and coolers of anglers across the country for ages

Why? Because they are easy to carry, easy to eat, provide a great shot of protein, and most importantly delicious.

Nobody knows this better than Champions Tour anglers who have all been given the opportunity throughout the last four seasons to enjoy Wenzel’s Farm’s variety of small batch, custom crafted, hardwood smoked meat snacks and that will continue into 2021.

Wenzel’s Farm has once again agreed to sponsor the Champions Tour with their “Major Mover” award which gives $250 to the angler in each tournament who increases their weight the most from the first to the second half of the event.

But there is much more to Wenzel’s than meets the eye, so we sat down with them to for a little Q&A to help you get to know Wenzel’s Farm a little better.

Partner Profile: Wenzel's Farm

Q: Tell us a little about the history of Wenzel’s Farm?
A: Wenzel’s Farm, brought the craft of sausage making from Germany to the Midwestern heartland more than 100 years ago, and since the company’s founding in 1949 in Marshfield, Wisconsin we have continued to make our products on the original farmstead in which the brand originated. Although some things may have changed over the years, our family recipes, attention to detail, and processes remain the same and our tradition stands the test of time. This is something we take great pride in.

Q: What kind of products does Wenzel’s make?
A: Wenzel’s Farm is a premium provider of high quality, handcrafted, small-batch meat snacks, and products. We make over a dozen varieties snack sticks, brats & wieners, sausages, and our new beef jerky.

Q: What sets Wenzel’s apart from other similar brands?
A: We only use the best cuts of premium Beef and Pork in our products, no fillers, or binders – just quality cuts of real, protein-packed, meat. Each product is naturally smoked for hours on end – giving them the rich smoky taste of real hardwood hickory. We also custom craft unique flavor blends and combinations to create rich natural flavors made from the finest ingredients. Our 13 unique snack stick flavors and 3 premium beef jerky flavors each offer their own taste experience unlike any other meat snack on the market.

Q: Where can you find Wenzel’s products?
A: We have distribution across the Midwest, and the rest of country at over 800 major retailers including Kwik Trip, Menards, Tractor Supply Co., Fleet Farm, and many more. You can also order from us directly on our website where we can offer all our Champions Tour anglers and fans a 15% off discount when they use the code “classicbass” at checkout.

Q: Finally, why do you choose to partner with the Champions Tour?
A: We continue to support the Champions Tour because we support anglers and the roots of the outdoors which are planted so firmly here in our Midwestern home. The Champions Tour supports conservation and preservation of our sporting traditions and our pristine waterways as well as gives hard-working anglers an opportunity to make a name for themselves and use this platform to grow from. We are proud to be a part of what we believe is the best tournament format in fishing and one that continues to revolutionize the way we see competitive angling moving forward.

Partner Profile: Wenzel's Farm

The Champions Tour looks forward to another great season with Wenzel’s Farm aboard and encourages all our anglers and fans to support them by checking out their website: , stopping by to like their social media, and picking up their products at your local retailer or online before your next trip on the water. You’ll be glad you did!