Save Time, Money and Countless Plastics with the Help of Arsenal Tackle

If you’re a bass fisherman, it’s very likely that at some point during the season you fire out a wacky rigged senko or stick worm of some variety. We’ve all battled with the frequency at which you lose senkos while wacky rigging. Conventional O-Rings and wacky rig tools help but the problem still exists.

Our friends at Arsenal Fishing have come up with the best solution on the market today. The Arsenal Original Wacky-Neko Tube Plier and Stealth Silicone Tube Shields provide the features that will make your Wacky or Neko rigging a much more efficient technique.

The Silicone Tube Shield is a much wider band, covering more of the plastic bait. Standard O-Rings tear through a soft senko because there is so little surface area. The Arsenal Tube will keep you fishing longer and have you saving huge numbers of plastics.