Updating Your Electronics

Adding New Units and Getting the Most Out of Your Current Units

Updating your electronics can mean two things… First off, there are several incredible new products on the market today and without a doubt more will be on the way for 2017. If you’re in the market for new electronics your options are plentiful. If you’re not quite ready for new depth finders there are things you can do to keep your current units running strong.

No matter what brand of depth finder you like to run, downloading the most recent available update is crucial to its performance. There’s no need to be intimidated by this process. It’s actually very fast and simple. Whether you run Humminbird, Lowrance or Garmin just visit their website and find the most recent update that correlates with your unit. You then simply place that update file on to an SD card and then place that SD card into your unit. Update directions from there are very easy.

We do have one stipulation when updating older units. Never force an update on an old depth finder if it’s not necessary. As a general rule of thumb, we feel that if your unit is more than five years old and still doing everything you need it to do, you shouldn’t try an update. More often than not, this can do more harm than good. If an update is available for your older unit and the unit has been having issues, then try it but we highly recommend that if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Again, if you’re looking to purchase new depth finders this off-season there are several options out there to meet your needs. Arguably the most exciting introduction is the Humminbird HELIX Gen 2 units. Humminbird introduced their HELIX line last season and experienced great success. Believe it or not, these units are even better this year. The Sonar, Side Imaging and Down Imaging is clearer than anything we’ve ever seen. They would be an excellent option for anyone looking to place new depth finders on their rig this upcoming season.

Don’t forget about Black Friday and the weekend deals that are coming up after Thanksgiving! Now is a great time to find fishing electronics at outstanding prices. There are also several retail stores that are closing out 2016 products to make room for next season. Even though the snow is flying, now can be an excellent time to upgrade!